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Textile dyeing and finishing zone


The development of the Textile dyeing and finishing industrial zone aims at consolidating textile activities in Tunisia by improving the local sourcing of fabrics and other textile entrant materials.

The textile dyeing and finishing industrial zone is one component of neotex Monastir Technopark. It covers an area of 50 ha and addressed the following activities : dyeing, printing, est dédiée pour les activités d’ennoblissement et de finissage tel que la teinture et l’impression, chemical preparations, enduction, finishing (yarn, fabrics, made products)…

The industrial zone is equipped by a collective purification station (capacity of 12.000 m3/day). The station covers both he processes of pre-treatment and treatment of the effluents.

  • Effluents control and cost minimisation (no pre-treatment/ treatment investment cost for the dyeing and finishing company, saving time)
  • An agreed company manage the station and control the effluents
  • The dyeing company is able to control the volume of its effluents and then save money.
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