mfcpole services

Mfcpole relies on a National wingspan providers who manage the maintenance and upkeep of facilities and common areas and that, to ensure guests a modern and safe environment work. Mfcpole ensures a comfortable setting for the exercise of your activitieson assuming management services relating to the functioning of the site.

To allow you to maximize your time and focus on your core activities, our services will ensure an seamless availability playing the role of facilitator, unique vis-à-vis for requests and administrative formalities and accompany you in all your procedures and facilities and procedures of obtaining the various authorizations.

Only vis-à-vis

To facilitate and support the implementation of the investors mfcpole you assumed the role of screw single screw:

  • Custom home;
  • Permanent listening;
  • Assistance in the study of the project;
  • Assistance in the financing of the project;
  • Assistance with administrative procedures and authorizations;
  • Assistance in the recruitment of personnel;
  • After implantation Service / Customer Care.
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