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Incubation and coaching Services

Incubation and coaching of innovative project holders: mfcpole offers this service through its incubator located in neotex Monastir technopark :

The portfolio of incubation services covers the following services:

  • Accommodation: Office rental open spaces from 6 to 24 m².
  • Common Services: Provision of the following services
  • Meeting room of 28 m² and training room 35 m².
  • VIP lounge to welcome guests.
  • Secure access.
  • Services shared secretariat (Home phone, photocopying, office, post office box, ....)
  • Services to staff (restaurant, tea room, ...)


  • Coaching and Expertise , Support and individual monitoring to each project allowing them to develop their skills to:

    Bâtiment industriel relais

  • Develop a business plan and financial engineering project
  • Optimize the commercial development of its business
  • Monitor key indicators of profitability and cash flow
  • Set up monitoring tools, anticipate the overall evolution of the company
  • Networking with a network of experts
  • Search for partners
  • Sharing Experiences
  • Collective training
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