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Set up Business in technopark

Business set up

Rent of a plot or an office :

To get your business set up in the technopark, you will simply need to follow this procedure and submit the following documents :

Investor mfcpole
Submit application form : Complete relevant application form and submit with required documents to mfcpole administration Application approval : The selection committee will be meeting up to 15 days after reception of the application form. A pre-approval will be addressed to the investor with a location offer 48 maximum after.
Submission of legal documents: Legal documents of the company are to be addressed to mfcpole in order to reserve the land/ or the office during a time period (to be confirmed with mfcpole Marketing Department) Assignment and reservation : The reservation of a land or an office is done through the signature of a reservation form.
A rental contract and internal rules are to sign.
Rent : The land or office is rented and a reception PV is signed.

Rent of an industrial building :

A common agreement is to be signed between mfcpole and the investor to define the project of the construction and the obligations of the two sides. The eligibility of the activity is considered (see eligibility conditions).

  • A detailed study of the tenant needs
  • Set up jointly the project of the construction
  • Approval of costs, tariffs and delays
  • Construction, rent contract (a commitment of 5 years lead over rent for two years, surety 6 months)

Documents check List :

  • Application form
  • Activity description/ The form duly completed 
  • API agreement (Agency for the Promotion industry and Innovation)
  • Legal documents: statutes, appointment and power of managers, trade register, tax number.

Demande d’acquisition Download the application form for renting a plot, office, industrial building

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