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Network In ' Tex

Service platform for the development of your business and support in achieving your innovative projects: Industrial collaboration, innovative projects, partnerships and networking with international…

réseau In ‘Tex

In'Tex today delivers more than 100 partners, including 30 international constituting a large network of training institutions, R & D, support and business sector.

Thematic target

réseau In ‘Tex

Services In’Tex

  • Collaborative platform watch and business intelligence in T & H
  • Technology transfer workshops and thematic workshops
  • Mounting and engineering innovative projects and helps the valorization of the results of R & D
  • Partnership and linking with international
  • Skills of measures and services to the card

Some actions realized with network In’Tex

  • The cooperation at bilateral level, International and Inter-regional
  • Mounting of international projects and national collaborative projects
  • Organization of seminars and thematic workshops
  • Support for spin-off projects from R & D to the industrial implementation
  • Publication of a Directory of the technical textile companies in Tunisia
  • Implementation of Technical Textile Cluster Tunisia  (founded project for the year 2013)
  • Development of a collaborative platform for monitoring and business intelligence textile and clothing 
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