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Workshop on Clubtex Cluster model, organized by mfcpole, held December 10, 2013 in Neotex Monastir Technopark.


Mfcpole has organized a workshop December the10, 2013 in Neotex Monastir Technopark, to exchange experience between the French cluster Clubtex represented by its former general secretary Mr Jean-François Bracq, and Tunisian Technical Textile cluster ( C3T).

The cluster members appreciated cluster model of Clubtex and the deep exchange with Mr Jean-François Bracq, enabled them to optimize the Cluster action plan for 2014 and to improve the cluster internal organization.

We note that the mission of the French expert in Tunisia was organized by mfcpole with the support of French Development Agency and France Cluster in the framework of the training session for clusters facilitator in Tunisia.

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