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What is it?

The Mediterranean Desk is an organizational unit within each Partner of TEX-MED Clusters Project whose objective is the capitalization and wider exploitation of the project’s results in terms of Cross Border Cooperation after the end of the project.

The system of Mediterranean Desks is a key tool for the establishment of a continuous cooperation and networking among textile and clothing clusters. It will provide a significant contribution for the creation of the so-called Mediterranean Hyper-cluster in the textile and clothing industry.

What does it do?

Each Mediterranean Desk consists of a Desk Officer appointed by each partner of the project. He or she is responsible for the following activities:

  • Tutoring the progresses of Cross Border Cooperation initiatives started by the project and after its conclusion
  • Promoting the launch of new Cross Border Cooperation initiatives and tutor their development after the end of the project
  • Maintaining and developing the network of Mediterranean contacts established during the project
  • Generally, contributing to the development of assets and activities aimed at the strengthening of the Mediterranean Hyper-cluster.

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